Shirt.Woot: Derby #35 SPRING, submission by akamundo

I came across a while ago when I was perusing the internet and found this article on Shirt.Woot is a derivative of whose claim to fame has been featuring a single product for a single day, everyday a different product. explains (from

The details: a new product is released every morning at 12am central time, seven days a week. (If you’re not a morning person, this can be described as every night at midnight. Better?) If a product sells out during its run, a new item will not appear until the next release time. You will know if a product is sold out, because the main page says “SOLD OUT” instead of “I want one”. (Clever, eh?)

Shirt.Woot is a variation on this theme. Every week, there is a new contest-which Woot calls a “derby”-with a new theme, which feature user-submitted designs that are then voted on by the Woot community. Designs that are printed by Woot receive a $200 cash prize and $2 off every shirt sold after the first day. Click here for FAQ’s.

This week’s theme is “Spring”. Below is an entry by akamundo. See and vote for the “Color Me Spring” design by akamundo, click here (to vote you need to have purchased at least once from Shirt.Woot).
Shirt.Woot Derby#35 Spring, Submission by akamundo
Shirt.Woot Derby#35 Spring, Submission by akamundo

Vote for “Color Me Spring” by akamundo for Shirt.Woot Derby#35 Spring.



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